Put a watermark on your images


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Placing a really good picture on the Internet can be risky especially if we want our rights as the original creator to be acknowledged.

A solution that many users adopt is superimposing a watermark on the image that they want seen on the Internet, thus retaining the original for their own use.

To produce the watermark you can opt for a traditional graphic editor or go for other tool specifically designed for the purpose, in this case Watermark.ws.

Watermark.ws. lets you add visual watermarks. The way it works, you get to see each change that you make to the position or appearance of the watermark instantaneously on the image.

There are three steps to modifying the image: upload the image, edit the watermark and process the newly marked image.

You can personalize the image to a considerable extent: in size, position and appearance and with either a picture or text as the identifier.

Watermark.ws has developed into a really superb option when you need to add a watermark to an image without the complexity involved in using a traditional graphic editor.
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